Evergo Corporation一直致力於EMC(EMI/EMS)測試設備與射頻週邊(RF Passive Components)的領域,協助客戶/廠商規劃正確測試設備,確實符合廠商實際能量需求以及全球各國法規與EMC技術資料諮詢等完整服務。並代理銷售國際知名廠商製告的高精密電子量測儀器、測試系統、週邊零件,成為全方位之系統整合公司。Evergo將秉持著服務理念提供最迅速與專業之服務,並針對客戶的求,提供更完善的解決方案。



Corporation Profile

Evergo Corportation Specializes in the sales and services of microwave, electronic, mechanical and communications components, EMI/EMC testing, instrumentation, and measurement systems, and electronics accessories, assemblies, and systems to key commercial and industrial businesses as well as government and miltary establishments in the Taiwan market.

Evergo also participates in periodic sales training and information sessions to improve our employes' knowledge in this field to help satisfying the needs of our customers.